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Meeting Minutes 9/18     Updated: September 20, 2018 7:58 PM

Meeting called to order

Approval of Minutes from the last meeting:

Scott Westerfeld proposed approval of minutes, seconded by Karie Westerfeld.  Minutes were approved


Standing Reports:

Coaches’ Report:

Boys Soccer:  

  • Varsity is currently 7 and 1 (lost to SCW).  4 teams in the district are ranked in the top 10.

  • JV- short on subs, but making good progress

Cross Country:

  • Girls doing good, good showing at meets

  • Thanked Boosters again for the new GPS watches

  • Carson was invited to represent OFHS at a meet in Arkansas.


  • Varsity- Currently 2/2.  Competition is tough this year.

  • JV/C team- coming along and growing.  Teams are struggling, but hope to build the boys up for next year.  


  • Varsity- Currently 7/3.  Will be hosting districts this year.

  • JV- Currently 1/5/1.  Some injuries have caused some setbacks for the team.


  • Varsity- Currently 8/3.  Have had a good start to the season.  Came in second in OFHS tournament.

  • JV- Currently 6/4

  • Freshman- Currently 5/3

  • JV/Freshman tournament this weekend


Athletic Director- Duane Stuermann

  • Looking into pricing for new cameras for gym and end zones on the football field.

  • Discussed screen options for the gym.


  • No formal request made at this time.  

Treasurer's Report- Karie Westerfeld

  • General Fund-  20,208.01

  • Concession Fund-$6374.18

Concessions Report- Karie Westerfeld/Sherry Peaslee

  • Out of the 100 families signed up on the booster site, only 20 have volunteered to work the concession stand.  

  • Many concessions stand positions continue to go unfilled.  Volleyball has currently volunteered the most.

  • The suggestion was made to resend the email from the start of the school year.  Tracy will simplify the email and send directly to parents.


Secretary’s Report- Sherry Peaslee

  • Discussed some of the technical issues with the booster site.


Vice President

  • No report


President- Scott Westerfeld

  • No report


Old Business-

  • Karie shared that she meet with Coach Schroer to discuss the scholarship program. He will see that the application is added to the Senior folder and send to parents.  The application is nearing completion. Boosters are still looking for members to help form the official scholarship committee.

New Business-

  • No new business


Next meeting:  October 16h at 6:30.  The meeting will be held at Rookies Restaurant.    


Meeting Adjourned